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And, We Are Live

And, we are live
Note: this article was origionally written and published February 26th, 2023.

Mobb automated security

In the last months of 2021, over a year ago, Jonathan and I Ieft stable and well-paid corporate jobs behind to found Mobb. We both worked in cyber security for over a decade and felt that even in our leadership roles, we couldn’t lead the impactful change we sought. So, we embarked on an unknown journey in which the only thing certain was that we wanted to build something special that genuinely improved application security outcomes for users and businesses.

Instead of developing yet another solution to help companies detect security vulnerabilities, we decided to help teams make existing findings actionable. We had several ideas, and after a few iterations, many meetings with industry practitioners, and great advice from old and new friends, we knew what we needed to do. We were ready to start our work to build a product to automatically fix vulnerabilities giving developers more time to innovate and security teams more time to focus on interesting and complex challenges.

The concept is straightforward: take a code detected as vulnerable and replace it with a code based on the security best practice. The challenge was doing it while ensuring 100% accuracy 100% of the time, making sure the fixes would not break the application.

With the release of our alpha version a few weeks ago, I’m excited to share that we met our first significant milestone toward our goal: empower developers to quickly and confidently rid themselves of the need to manually triage, research and fix critical vulnerabilities reported by their SAST (Static Application Security Testing) tools.

Obviously, we are only at the beginning of a very challenging journey, but our design partners are already benefiting from the ability to eliminate critical vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Command Injection in Java in a matter of seconds. They simply upload their SAST reports (we currently support Checkmarx, GitHub, and Snyk) and point us to their code to do the rest. If you'd like to try Mobb for yourself, request credentials here.

If you want to receive updates on our progress, please register here. Book a demo if you are curious to see how it works and try it for yourself.

Oh, and we are hiring, so if you want to join our amazing remote team (Haggai, Peter, Kirill, and Lai) to build the next big thing in application security, visit our jobs section


Mobb automated security

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Eitan Worcel
Mobb's CEO and Co-Founder. With over 15 years of experience, Eitan has lead many organizations in the application security market, helping a wide range of customers in their quest to secure their business.