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After the scan comes the Remediation.

For years the industry has been working to help companies find vulnerabilities in their code. Vendors developed new and better ways to find vulnerabilities faster, making it easy to automate scanning and assisting companies in their journey to build mature DevSecOps and secure their businesses.

Automating security scans as part of DevOps programs is important. It allows developers to detect vulnerabilities early on. But developers still need to resolve the vulnerabilities found, taking time away from developing new innovations and capabilities.

Mobb lets organizations take control of securing applications with trusted, automated fixes that are informed and verified
by the developers who own the source code. Organizations are able to quickly and significantly reduce the chances of being impacted by a security vulnerability exploit.

CISOs can finally start reporting reductions in vulnerability backlogs, security teams can streamline processes and
policies, and developers can quickly execute fixes with more trust and less friction.

Founding Team

Eitan Worcel
Jonathan Afek

Join a brilliant team of security pros

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