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Mobb Releases Automatic Vulnerability Fixer for Code Repositories

Real-Time Remediation for AppSec Across Platfroms


Testing and remediating code vulnerabilities as a post-development process is a thing of the past. With Mobb’s automatic vulnerability fixer, embedding security into developer’s workflow can now transcend beyond just triggering automated security scans to detect vulnerabilities to automatically fix them. Developers can proactively secure their code as they commit their changes within their native software development workflows and tools. This frictionless fixing experience ensures confidence and control is still in the hands of developers while leveraging a patent-pending hybrid AI technology.

How Does Mobb empower developers?

Mobb equips developers with precise and actionable code fixes for security alerts as they commit code, fitting effortlessly into their development workflows. Whether you're scanning your code on every pull request in GitHub, as part of your GitLab or ADO pipeline or even a Jenkins build, Mobb addresses vulnerabilities right where developers live and work. All in — it takes less than sixty seconds to start making impactful fixes.

Making shift possible for DevSecOps

Shift left isn’t working; developers need tools that can help them fix, not just find vulnerabilities. By embedding automatic fixes for reported code vulnerabilities directly into development workflows, Mobb is not just reacting to threats but proactively strengthening the developers pipeline. This ensures that security plays an integral, continuous and supporting part of the development process across any platform.

More than just a quick fix: stop the bleeding

Mobb’s Fixer for code repositories helps organizations prevent vulnerabilities from trickling into the notoriously ever growing security backlog. With the capability to swiftly eliminate vulnerabilities from committed code changes, developers can eradicate vulnerabilities instantly instead of addressing them at a later point, enhance code integrity and protect organizations from future breaches. 

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This demonstration shows just how quick it is to fix code. Developers can detect and commit fixes in under sixty seconds all without ever leaving their workflow.

Secure fixes in under sixty seconds

Mobb understands that a developer's primary focus should be on innovation, which is why we’re making security ridiculously simple. By streamlining the remediation process with the development one, Mobb allows developers to concentrate on what they do best: creating the future. Mobb delivers actionable and accurate code fixes without disrupting the natural flow of development work.

AI + guardrails = a better world 

Unlike competitive auto remediation GenAI approaches that are shown to be unreliable and often erroneous and hallucinative, Mobb’s technology doesn’t solely rely on AI. Instead, Mobb combines proprietary research and traditional semantic analysis with GenAI capabilities. This unique hybrid approach balances the swift scalable power of AI with the reliability and accuracy of deterministic algorithms to provide code fixes that are accurate, trusted and free from code ownership concerns, ensuring developer confidence.

Mobb’s mission is to bridge security and engineering through delivering reliable frictionless fixes that reduce notifications, eliminate backlogs, and free up developer time. Industry experts have recognized the value of Mobb’s agnostic solution, praising its proactive approach in the DevSecOps space. 

Melinda Marks, Practice Director of Cybersecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group said:

“our ESG research shows the challenges organizations face with modern application development, including a higher chance for coding mistakes. Developers don’t want to slow down or learn about security, making it hard for security teams to empower developers to secure their own code. The new Mobb capabilities make it easy for developers to remediate coding issues, while security teams can view the reports on remediation work, helping security effectively mitigate risk so they can scale to keep up with faster development cycles.”

Test drive the future of DevSecOps with Mobb

Mobb is pioneering a new era in application security, accessible across the leading SAST scanners and different code repositories. Our GitHub experience is now available, with more code repository integrations coming soon. Try it out for yourself today. Click here to get started for free. 


Are you interested to see it for yourself? Schedule your demo here. See how the magic happens.




1. How does an automatic vulnerability fixer streamline the software development process?

An automatic vulnerability fixer, such as the Fixer, accelerates the software development process by automating the resolution of security vulnerabilities. By integrating directly into development workflows, it fixes vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle and reduces the burden on developers therefore minimizing the risk of security breaches.

2. What are the key features to consider when selecting an automatic vulnerability fixer for application security?

When choosing an automatic vulnerability fixer, it's essential to consider factors such as accuracy, scalability, and integration capabilities. Our blog post emphasizes the importance of selecting a tool with precise vulnerability detection algorithms to minimize false positives and negatives. Additionally, scalability ensures that the fixer can handle large codebases efficiently, while seamless integration with existing development tools enhances usability and adoption among development teams.

3. How does an automatic vulnerability fixer compare to manual code remediation in terms of efficiency and effectiveness?

In our blog post, we discuss the comparative analysis of automatic vulnerability fixers versus manual code remediation approaches. While manual code remediation offers the advantage of human expertise and nuanced understanding of application logic, it can be very time-consuming and error-prone. Automatic vulnerability fixers, on the other hand, streamline the remediation process by providing instant, automated fixes for identified vulnerabilities, reducing the time and effort required for resolution. However, it's essential to strike a balance between automation and human oversight to ensure comprehensive and accurate vulnerability remediation.