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Mobb's Beta: New Features, More Languages, and Greater Coverage

Note: this article was origionally written and published June 9th, 2022.

Mobb automated security

Hello Mobb community! 

We've been keeping some major developments under wraps, and today, we're thrilled to share our latest progress with you. We've been tirelessly working behind the scenes, refining, enhancing, and innovating, all in pursuit of one mission: to make the process of securing your code as seamless and effective as possible. We’ve officially launched our open beta, which includes a few new features we think you’ll love.  

Register for our open beta.

Expanded Language Support: Hello Node.JS!

First on the list, we're expanding our horizons when it comes to language support. Building on the Java capabilities of our alpha version, we're excited to introduce support for Node.JS, encompassing both JavaScript and TypeScript. With this additional language support, even more developers can leverage our automated code remediation technology while writing code in their preferred language.

Enhanced Fix Coverage: Core Algorithmic and AI Capabilities

Next up, we're taking our fix coverage to the next level. By focusing on enhancing both our core algorithmic and AI capabilities, we're striving to ensure that our technology can meet your coding needs, no matter how complex or varied they might be. 

Support for OpenText Fortify: More Security Options

We understand that every developer and organization has their preferred tools, and we want to be sure that our solution complements your workflows as seamlessly as possible. This is why we've added support for OpenText Fortify, expanding on our current support for Checkmarx, GitHub Advanced Security, and Snyk. 

Enterprise Features: User and Project Management

Additionally, we're introducing new features for user management and project management. These new capabilities will let you group fix analysis, view history, and manage your coding projects with greater ease. We believe that these features will greatly enhance your experience with Mobb, making your workflow even more streamlined and efficient.

Open Beta: An Invitation to All

Our open beta is not just for a select few - it's open to everyone. Yes, you read that right. Everyone. No matter if you're an individual developer, a small start-up, or a large enterprise, as long as you care about the security of your code we invite you to register for our open beta

We want all of you to benefit from our tool and, in turn, help us make it even better.

We're excited about this next step in our journey, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it. 

Bring in The Fixer. Let's secure code, together.


Mobb automated security

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Eitan Worcel
Mobb's CEO and Co-Founder. With over 15 years of experience, Eitan has lead many organizations in the application security market, helping a wide range of customers in their quest to secure their business.